A simple instrument to monitor the ethanol concentration in fluid preserved speciments. Fluid preservation.

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Product info

The Alcomon Indicator System is an instrument in the form of two small indicator pills that monitor the ethanol concentration in fluid preserved specimens.
When the pills are placed inside a specimen jar, the system continuously shows if the ethanol concentration is above or below specified levels that relate to the minimal required antiseptic properties of the preservative.
There is no longer need for time-consuming conventional density measurements where each jar has to be opened in order to extract a fluid sample for weighing.
Consequently, Alcomon can give a major contribution to a constant and high preservation quality of ethanol preserved specimens.
In addition, the use of the instrument considerably simplifies the maintenance routine and cuts back maintenance costs.
Stability tests in 75% ethanol at ambient temperature (20-25°C) and elevated temperature (60°C) predict that Alcomon will function properly over an extended period of time (>50 years).

The Alcomon Indicator System was invented in 1999 by Andries J. van Dam whilst working as conservator at the Anatomy Museum of the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands.


Alcomon 5 (red) shifting-point:
50 ±3% v/v ethanol/water at 20 °C
Indicator sinksEtOH (vol%) > 50 ±3
Indicator floatsEtOH (vol%) < 50 ±3

Alcomon 6 (orange) shifting-point:
60 ±3% v/v ethanol/water at 20 °C
Indicator sinksEtOH (vol%) > 60 ±3
Indicator floatsEtOH (vol%) < 60 ±3

When adding both indicators in the same fluid:
Both indicators sink EtOH (vol%) > 60 ±3
Red indicator sinks / orange indicator floats
EtOH (vol%) between 50 ±3 and 60 ±3
Both indicators floatEtOH (vol%) < 50 ±3